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In many ways the current electric car could change in how we perceive the current electric cars and all of its benefits it brings.

Top 12 Reasons Why Electric Cars are Better Than Gas Cars

Research Papers words 4. This has brought about a wave of people buying hybrid cars to help reduce the amount of toxic emissions they produce. Although many people believe that hybrid cars are environmentally friendly, they are just the opposite due to the dangerous lithium ion batteries, the added cost of supposed fuel savings, and the production of pollutant emissions Research Papers words 1.

Especially because over the past couple of years gas prices have been at record highs. I knew that there were such things as electric cars but until this last year or so I have only seen the wealthy be able to afford to drive them.

And from what I had heard about Hybrid cars was that they were over priced, small, and not so attractive cars. No wonder nobody owns them. Gas Cars vs Electric Cars. Gas Cars vs Electric Cars Length: words 4. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

Need Writing Help? Hybrid and Electric Cars Essay - Global climate change is becoming an ever more relevant topic, and the reality of the issue is becoming more apparent. Electric Cars Pros and Cons Essay - An electric vehicle is an automobile that is propelled by one electric motor or more, using electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device.

Saving the Environment by Lowering Toxic Emissions from Cars: The Hybrid Car - In recent years many people in the United States have been in a phase of saving the environment and wanting to reduce the amount of pollution they produce. Hybrid Cars Essay - I have always wondered what Hybrid cars were all about. Search Term:. Cold weather hurts the amount of time that you would need to charge your battery pack.

This is another reason gas cars are better. You could be doing a lot more things in that amount of time rather than waiting for your car to charge. Most people will tell you that you could just charge your car over night while you are in bed. But what if an emergency happens during the middle of the night? What are you going to be doing if you car isn't charged? For me I think that it would be nice to know that if an emergency comes up, that I'll be able to just go out there and take care of it.

I would like to not worry about if my car is fully charged. I think it would be better to just be able to get into a car and go.

So I think, for me, it would be better to have a gas-powered car. In case you didn't know, EV's have a below average acceleration, a majority of them have a top speed of less than 80 mph Harverdink, 1. Here in Sitka, Alaska you don't really need to reach speeds of 80 mph.

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Also it would be nice to know that you'll be able to go that fast. But if the top speed averages out to 80 mph will that decrease how fast you can accelerate. Now you don't really need to go 80 mph when you're here in Sitka but it sure would be nice to know that you would be able to go that fast.

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It would especially be a nice thing to have if you wanted to go on a road trip. Most EV's are fully capable of quick acceleration, fast hill climbing and maintaining highway speeds. However, when you do any of these activities it will greatly reduce the effective range of a fully charged battery pack Hackelman, 3. Well since we live on an island we don't really have to worry about it getting up to highway speeds.

The fastest you'll ever need to go here in Sitka is 45 mph. Though we do have a lot of hills that we drive on. The Silicon Engine. Computer History Museum. Retrieved 20 July Fet Technology and Application. CRC Press. Retrieved 22 July Advances in Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles. Woodhead Publishing.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Retrieved 29 July New Society Publishers. Clean Technica. Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. During the Global Meeting, the Alliance, which recently reached the historic milestone of aggregate sales of , electric vehicles worldwide Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. The Guardian. We are confident that, were we to summon all the judges and staff of the past 70 years, we would come to a rapid consensus: No vehicle we've awarded, be it Car of the Year, Import Car of the Year, SUV of the Year, or Truck of the Year, can equal the impact, performance, and engineering excellence that is our Ultimate Car of the Year winner, the Tesla Model S.

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India’s electric vehicle drive: Challenges and opportunities

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