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Each event is scored separately, and you must meet the standards on each and every event.

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Rest periods are offered between events. The PHS is due on the Friday following the test by 5 p. Prepolygraph Interview - This interview is conducted by a background investigator to cover information such as prior criminal activities, drug use, credit, work history, driving history and other topics. Polygraph Exam - Administered by an independent consultant.

City of Bastrop

Background Investigation - Family members, references, acquaintances, past employers and co-workers are interviewed, and a review is conducted of military and school records, driving records, credit history, and any other area the investigator deems appropriate. Oral Interview Board - The applicant is interviewed by four police officers who present hypothetical situations for discussion.


Conditional Offer of Employment - Upon passing the oral review board, the applicant will be given a conditional offer of employment. The Rosenberg Police Department is always looking for qualified individuals to serve our community as Police Officers and Dispatchers.

Sheriff's Office Personal History Statement

Check out the videos below, and browse our site to learn more about why we are so proud to serve as Rosenberg Police Officers and what our Department and City have to offer! For application packets, or an overview of City benefits, visit the Human Resources Page.

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You may also subscribe to receive notice when new jobs are posted. If you would like to speak to a Recruitment Officer, please call All applicants must meet the minimum requirements and pass each step in the hiring process. The Personal History Statement must be completed and submitted with the online application.

Applications with incomplete Personal History Statements will be disqualified. The exam consist of the following:.

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New officers train for 4 months in the Field Training Program where they will ride and train with a Field Training Officers and be trained in, but not limited to, the following areas:. All department personnel work on Wednesdays which is a designated training day for police personnel alternating weeks. In this training we provide a variety of topics ranging from areas including:.

Off site police training for topics not covered by this weekly training are also available. The Rosenberg Police Department also encourages continuing education for college degrees and offers incentive pay to those officers that successfully attain their diplomas.

Application closing date is Sunday, Sept. 1st, 12222.

The Rosenberg Police Department is a progressive department serving a rapidly growing city. The following may also be a disqualification: Dismissed with just cause from public service employment under other than honorable conditions or resigned to avoid such.

This includes dishonorably discharged as a peace officer where: retired or resigned in lieu of termination for a criminal offense; terminated for a criminal offense with or without charges filed; retired or resigned in lieu of termination for an administrative violations of truthfulness or insubordination; or terminated for an administrative violations of truthfulness or insubordination. This also included general discharge as a peace officer where: retired or resigned while under investigation for a criminal violation, after the officer was advised in writing of the criminal investigation; or retired or resigned through mutual agreement with the governmental entity and is not eligible to reapply.

The following will be causes for disqualification for any applicant; this information has also been included on the personal history statement: Has made false statements in any material fact; withheld information, practiced or attempted to practice any deception or fraud in the application, examination or appointment.


Hiring Process

Depending on the variables involved, disqualification may be either permanent or temporary. This also includes previous termination by an employer because of conduct that would violate the City of Leander Personnel Policy. Also includes a history of inability to get along with co-workers or creating a hostile working environment. Tattoos, body art and branding that display an offensive design or wording. Size and color may also be used as a factor when determining offensiveness. Any tattoos, body art or branding of the face, neck or head are prohibited.

Exceptions must be approved by the chief of police. Must not have engaged in the use of marijuana, within the three years preceding the application submittal, except under the care of a physician.