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Moreover, people must meet the structure of the research papers. Therefore, if people have assignments where they need to research, then they analyze their topics, cover key aspects and credible sources, and write final works. The structure of the research papers depends on the assignment requirements.

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In fact, when students get their assignments and its instructions, they need to analyze the research questions or topics, find scholarly sources, and write the final works. Basically, the structure of the research paper consists of the abstract, outline, introduction, literature review , methodology, results, discussion, recommendations, limitations, conclusion, acknowledgments, and references.

However, students may not include some of these sections because of instructions that they have and types of research papers. For instance, if the paper does not need to conduct the real experiment, the methodology section can be skipped because of the absence of the data. In turn, the structure of the final work consists of:. Abstract means a first section of the paper where people provide the purpose of the study, research questions or suggestions, main findings with conclusions. Moreover, this paragraph of about words should be written when the whole work is finished already.

Hence, the abstract section should describe key aspects of the study, including the discussion about the relevance of the paper. You can also read how to write an abstract. Introduction provides the main information on the problem statement, the indication of methodology, important findings, and principal conclusion.

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Basically, this section covers the rationale behind the work or background research, explanation of the importance, defending its relevance, a brief description of the experimental design, defined research questions, hypotheses, or other key aspects. Literature Review is needed for the analysis of past studies or scholarly articles to be familiar with the research questions or topics. Hence, this section summarizes and synthesizes the arguments and ideas of others without adding new contributions and is organized around ideas, not the sources.

Methodology or Materials and Methods cover the explanation of the design of the research with techniques that are used for gathering information and other aspects related to the experiment. For instance, students and scholars document all specialized materials and general procedures. In this case, another individual may use some or all of the methods in another study or judge the scientific merit of the work. Moreover, people should explain how they are going to conduct their experiment.

Results mean the gained information or data after the research or experiment. In this case, people should present and illustrate their findings. Moreover, this section may include tables or figures. Discussion is the section where people review the information in the introduction part, evaluate their gained results, or compare it with past studies. In particular, students and scholars interpret their data in the discussion section in appropriate depth.

For example, if results differ from expectations at the beginning, people should explain why that may have happened. On the other hand, if results agree with the rationale, people should describe the theory that the evidence is supported. Recommendations take its roots from the discussion section where people propose potential solutions or new ideas based on the obtained results. In this case, if people have any recommendations on how to improve this research so that other scholars can use it in their research, they must write what they think in this section. Limitations mean the consideration of the weaknesses of the research and results to get new directions.


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For instance, if researchers found any limitations of the study that could affect the experiment, other scholars must not use such knowledge because of the same mistakes. Moreover, people should avoid contradicting results, and, even more, they must write it in this section.

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

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